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Hosting - paid

We offer managed hosting service in an affordable price start from $8 per month.  You are free to host any kind of site, while most of our client chooses to host his blog or e-commerce site which is the easiest way to earn money!

By mean of “managed” hosting, we provide 1 free basic ticket support per month (that is you can request us to setup/fine tune or do some management task on your site for free). We are the only company that can provide such service in this price.

Hosting - free

Apart from paid hosting, we also offer free hosting to certain kind of site (like non-profile organization, charity, community group, etc.) or application for public use. If you or your organization’s fit in the category, you can contact us for free hosting*.

*It is subject to Voloer Group’s decision whether free hosting will be provided.

Site/System development

We turn your idea to realistic. Once you provide all the detail/layout about your site, we will carry out feasibility study, work up together to write up a detail specification/workflow and then build it up!

We have build over hundreds of different system, from simple blog site to e-commerce site. Whatever your requirement is, we can make it!



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